Raccoon River Valley Round FKT

With the crisis that has been happening with the COVID-19 pandemic, racing hasn't been something that has been happening for the past few months. Rightfully so, people are just "hungry" to do something. Under a significant amount of pressure, I made the decision a few weeks ago to postpone the 2020 running of the Booneville Backroads Ultra series of races. I didn't want to put my runners or the community in harm even if some feel we could have put it on.

Because of this, Memorial Day weekend freed up...which the race would have started on my birthday...and wanted to do something crazy that I'd been dreaming about for a few years. Run the entire Raccoon River Valley Trail in Central Iowa for an FKT. The site didn't have one set so why not give it a whirl.

I told my beautiful and supportive wife that I was thinking about doing something wild for my birthday and her response was "please don't say it's 100 miles. I don't wan…